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Experimental psychology (Russia). 2012. 5(2): 5-21.

Changes in some parameters of visual-motor reactions under the influence of alcohol.

2012    Zakharchenko D.V., Dorokhov V.B.

The aim of the work is the research changes in oculomotor responses and arm motor movements, causedby the intake of averages doses of alcohol (1 g of 96% alcohol per kilogram of body weight of the subject). We used two types of models - the model of the static appearance/disappearance of the stimulus and the model of continuous maintenance of a goal in the process of the operator's activities. Analysis of the results of research of changes of the latent period of the macrosaccade and the first motor reaction, the average instantaneous speed of macrosaccade, time hitting the target, as well as visual study of the configuration of macrosaccades, testifies to the fact that after the admission of alcohol the latency of the macrosaccade and motor reaction reliably increases, the average instantaneousness of speed of macrosaccades is significantly decreased. The efficiency of the operator's work is not directly related to changes in the biological parameters of the reactions. In some cases, after the admission of alcohol the macrosaccades of the unusual configuration including an anomalously low speed were marked.

Keywords: visual perception, saccade, fixation, oculomotor reactions, carpal motility, trajectory and alcohol.

Zakharchenko D.V.,  2012-2018