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Zh Vyssh Nerv Deiat Im I P Pavlova. 2008. Jul-Aug; 58(4): 432-442.

EEG correlates for efficiency of the nonverbal creative performance (drawing).

2008    Zakharchenko D.V., Sviderskaia N.E.

This work was aimed at a search for EEG corellates of efficiency of nonverbal creative performance. Standardized Torrens technique which makes it possible to quantitatively assess creativity was used. The EEG records were performed before and during test performance, EEG parameters were compared to Torrens scores on three scales: flexibility, originality and efficiency. Absolute values of spatial synchronization, coherence and spectral power both in the baseline and during the performance were calculated. Changes in these parameters were traced during the transition from the state of quiet wakefulness to creative performance. The narrow-band analysis of coherence and spectral power allowed the number and orientation of processes associated with creativity scales to be assessed. The absence of substantial EEG changes during the test performance is indicative of the steady, nondynamical functional state of the brain.

Key words: creativity, efficiency, Torrens test, spatial synchronization, coherence, spectral power of biopotentials, narrow-band frequency ranges.

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